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If you are not completely satisfied with any item purchased from us, simply send it back within 10 business days from the time it reached you for a full refund. Returns are covered by our insurance policy, but your packing will have to be adequate and the choice of return method quick and reliable for this guarantee to be valid.
We will further contribute a sum up to our corresponding standard shipping charge towards the cost of the return, if we find this to have resulted from any fault of ours. Please note that a full refund may actually amount to either a few pounds more, or less than anticipated, due to reverse application of our free or refundable shipping scheme.
When you shop with us online, what you see is what you get. All photographs featured on this website represent the actual item that is on sale or, in some cases, an indistinguishable item. Images are resized and therefore not indicative of an item's proportions. The thin black border noticeable around some items derives from the background against which pictures are taken.
Shipping is calculated on a per item basis, according to our system of delivery credits and refundable charges. Items priced over a threshold determined by their size and destination enjoy free shipping and accumulate delivery credits. These can be used against past, present or future refundable charges on items that fall below the threshold.
Let's assume that you once bought a £30 book, for which the free delivery threshold was £40. As the price fell short of the threshold, a shipping charge would have applied, say £1. If you were subsequently to make a similar purchase worth £50, not only would you get free delivery, but you would also receive a rebate for the earlier £1 charge.
Shipping Calculator
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We instruct the postal service that parcels should not just arrive at your mailbox, but actually reach you in person. Our aim is that every delivery shall get into your hands as safely and as directly as possible.
If the destination of your parcel is within the UK, it will normally be received in 2-3 working days. The delivery schedule will be about twice as long for orders dispatched to other countries. Delays associated with offline payment methods and customs clearance will also have to be added to the timeframe where applicable. Please note that our shipping estimates are not guaranteed.
Each item is always individually bubble-wrapped, then carefully packed in sturdy cardboard packaging. We endeavour that goods should reach you in the very same condition that they leave our hands.
We welcome most major credit, debit and charge cards, as well as payments made by Google Checkout, PayPal (£50 maximum), UK cheque, bank draft, international money order, wire transfer and bank deposit. If you choose to pay by debit card, you will receive a 1% bonus discount on the total value of your order.
Besides pricing books and orders in UK pounds (£), we also display values in US dollars ($) and euros (€). Dollar and euro amounts are approximate and only indicative, as you will always be charged in pounds.
In order to offer you maximum online security, we provide high-grade 256‑bit encryption on our server. Once the composition of your order is finalized, you will be transferred to a secure connection, and all information provided during the rest of the ordering process will be transmitted encrypted. Including, of course, the personal and card details required for card payment processing.
When you order an item with us online, that item is yours; unless, of course, you decide otherwise. As we primarily sell our books through this website, you will find no subject to prior sale clause here.
We only collect transaction data and personal information you directly provide us with when you place an order. None of this information will ever be made available to anybody unrelated to the processing of your order. You will not receive spam or persistent cookies (i.e. those that remain on your computer even after you exit your browser) as a result of using our website.
We aspire to make our website accessible to as many people as possible by complying with the latest web standards. We do not use browser-specific technology, nor require you to install additional software (such as Flash or Java plug-ins) in order to view our pages.
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